Getting tired of Traveling

What to do when you feel bored while traveling

If you look at people’s travel photos, you’ll notice how it looks like everyone’s having fun all the time. It doesn’t seem like there’s even one second when they’re not enjoying themselves, and perhaps that’s true, but my experience with traveling is a tad different. Especially when you’re out for months and months. There’s been times when I’ve felt so bored of a place that I’ve just wanted to leave immediately. I started second guessing if I was doing anything wrong or if I was just in the wrong place. But then I realized… it’s probably healthy to be a bit bored from time to time as well. And it’s quite relaxing, too. Here’s what to do when you feel bored while traveling.


If you did something grand everyday, you’d eventually feel exhausted, especially if your trip is for a longer period of time. So just enjoy doing nothing, relax and appreciate the calmer days as well. It’s normal to feel like you have to do something every single day to make your travels worth, but it’ll just burn you out. When I feel bored, I tend to just do all of the “normal” stuff I usually do when I’m at home like reading a book, watch a movie, go take a walk, maybe even hit the cinemas if you can.

Go somewhere else

If you’re really bored of the place you’re at, move!  It’s not difficult when you’re traveling. Be spontaneous, go somewhere else! You’re not stuck in the place you’re at. Do your research and see what other places are close by that you can go to, even if it’s just for a while. Don’t spend your vacation being bored. It’s not worth your time or money.

Find people to hang out with

Getting new friends is always fun and it can really help your mood when you’re feeling down and bored. Try making local friends too! They’ll probably show you hidden spots that only a local would know of. Maybe this’ll make you see your destination in a much different light. You can meet locals by going on Couchsurfing for example and see if anyone’s up for a meet up. You can also try couchsurfing and stay with a local host.

Travel like you’re living there

Instead of just doing all the tourist attractions, go find a nice cafe for example and do things you’d normally do when you’re at home such as go shopping. Why not find a nice mall to escape to for a few hours. There’s always something to do to beat boredom.

Plan your trip

Planning might sound boring to some, but it can also be quite fun. When you make lists and research the destinations in advance to learn more about it, you’ll start feeling more excited to get there. It’s also a way to stay busy and you’ll soon forget that you’re bored.

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